Litigation Support Services

Greenleaf’s litigation support services include an outside network of experienced and knowledgeable FDA experts who were thoughtfully selected by Greenleaf and are adept at advising litigators representing FDA-regulated clients. The firm’s deep bench and network provide authoritative, objective expert opinions that may make a difference in how disputes are resolved.

Our Litigation Support Services

Areas of Expertise

Greenleaf and our network have extensive, in-depth experience regarding medical device product development, drug and biological product development, and the premarket review process, as well as manufacturing, product quality and safety, compliance, and enforcement of all FDA-regulated products. Our experts have the knowledge, qualifications, and experience required to explain and clarify these and other issues to our clients, the courts, or juries and are credible, persuasive expert witnesses and litigation advisors.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Medical device product development
  • Drug and biological product development
  • Premarket review process
  • Manufacturing
  • Product quality and safety
  • Compliance
  • Enforcement

Greenleaf’s Product Quality, Manufacturing, and Compliance Team identifies and promotes practices that will align a client’s approach with the FDA’s quality, safety, and compliance expectations. Greenleaf’s compliance experts have a proven track record of achieving success and providing services that are recognized as best in class by companies seeking to strengthen their quality management systems.

Greenleaf’s Medical Device and Combination Products Team guides clients through the complete regulatory process, from the earliest stages of product development, through the FDA review process, to marketing authorization and compliance with postmarket requirements and quality systems.

Greenleaf’s Drug and Biological Products Team specializes in providing strategic and technical guidance on medical product development, regulatory review, and postmarket requirements, working closely with clients to navigate today’s evolving FDA regulatory environment.


Greenleaf’s Litigation Support Network works closely with litigators representing FDA-regulated clients in a wide array of disputes related to medical devices, drug and biological products, and product quality, manufacturing, and compliance.

Greenleaf and our network can advise litigators on the nuances of FDA regulation and provide support to lawyers as they develop a litigation strategy by identifying key FDA regulatory issues that may arise. Greenleaf consultants and our network of experts also have experience serving as expert witnesses, preparing expert declarations or reports, and testifying during depositions and at trial.

Specific services include:

  • Sharing in-depth experience and knowledge of FDA regulation with litigators and their clients
  • Identifying and consulting on FDA regulatory issues that may arise during the course of litigation and impact litigation strategy
  • Preparing expert declarations and reports
  • Providing deposition and trial testimony

Types of Litigation

Greenleaf’s team has worked with litigators engaged in a variety of disputes, including complex commercial litigation, unfair competition and false advertising cases, intellectual property litigation, product liability class actions, and securities class actions. Greenleaf professionals and our network of experts provide guidance on the following types of litigation:

  • Complex commercial litigation
  • Unfair competition / false advertising
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Product liability class actions
  • Securities class actions
  • Other types of litigation, such as tax matters and contract disputes

Success Stories

  • Providing Litigation Support That Led to a Favorable Judgment for a Device Start-Up Firm

    A medical device start-up was involved in a commercial dispute against a large multinational device manufacturer and sought Greenleaf Health’s services as an expert witness and consultant on the FDA regulatory grounds for the case. Greenleaf’s litigation support team prepared an expert report that reinforced the client’s arguments regarding the likelihood that the FDA would …

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