Expanded Quality & Compliance Services

The FDA’s continued emphasis on proactive quality management and cGMP compliance presents new challenges and opportunities for the private sector, making it essential for companies to build quality, safety, and integrity into their products.

Recognizing this, Greenleaf offers an enhanced portfolio of services that includes comprehensive on-site compliance assessments, remediation, and inspection readiness. When added to Greenleaf’s core regulatory consulting services, this expanded compliance support ensures a full-service experience for companies navigating today’s evolving regulatory environment.

Greenleaf’s strategic capacity encompasses the following:

  • Inspection Readiness:  Strengthen clients’ readiness for FDA preapproval and surveillance inspections through consulting, training, audits, and mock inspections
  • Compliance Assessments:  Perform objective audits and evaluations of clients’ operations to identify strengths and areas in need of improvement
  • Compliance Remediation:  Develop strategy and support implementation of clients’ remediation plans and responses to enforcement actions

To further enhance the firm’s robust compliance services, Greenleaf has developed an Independent Contractor (IC) Network of additional technical experts who can be deployed to provide on-site services at entities that manufacture FDA-regulated products.

To learn more about Greenleaf’s network of technical experts and the services they provide, visit Greenleaf’s IC Network.



Greenleaf is committed to serving our clients’ needs with extensive expertise, unwavering integrity, and strategic insight in a manner that supports the availability of safe, effective, and high-quality drugs, biologics, and devices.

Greenleaf’s Product Quality, Manufacturing, and Compliance Team has a proven track record of achieving success. Practice experts specialize in corporate quality and compliance systems; FDA inspections, compliance, and enforcement processes; FDA organization and structure as they relate to compliance functions and decisions; FDA communications, including enforcement letters and facility and supply chain audit reports; and the complete spectrum of compliance- and enforcement-related actions. Members of the Greenleaf team work cross-functionally, combining their depth of knowledge and breadth of expertise to guide companies through challenging quality, compliance, and regulatory matters.

Greenleaf’s compliance services are recognized as best in class by companies seeking strategic and technical expertise to strengthen their quality management and compliance systems. To learn more about Greenleaf’s compliance services, click here




Greenleaf works with life science entities to evaluate and strengthen compliance functions with an eye toward optimizing processes, mitigating risks, and creating a culture of compliance, while continuing to meet business objectives.

Greenleaf experts conduct audits and produce, refine, and implement system-wide enhancements for strengthening:

  • Corporate quality systems
  • Corporate training programs
  • Corporate compliance designs
  • Corporate quality and compliance organization
  • Operational processes
  • Audit programs
  • Management systems (corporate-wide or individual facilities)
  • Strategic compliance and risk management




The Greenleaf team partners with companies to deliver strategic and technical guidance and training that helps achieve business and regulatory objectives.


Greenleaf provides corporate insight and direction on the following:

  • FDA inspection, compliance, and enforcement procedures
  • FDA organization and structure as they relate to compliance functions and decisions
  • Impact of compliance-related legislation, regulations, and guidance
  • FDA trends and priorities


Greenleaf also routinely develops and delivers training on subjects including:

  • Agency regulations, policies, and procedures
  • GxP requirements


Greenleaf specialists bring an unmatched level of credibility and trust when interacting with the FDA and guiding companies along the remediation pathway.


Greenleaf’s remediation services include:

  • Designing comprehensive remediation plans
  • Building and enabling corrective action plans (CAPs)
  • Supporting enforcement of remediation actions
  • Third-party reporting of progress against improvement commitments
  • Auditing


An FDA inspection is a significant moment for any regulated company. Greenleaf experts strengthen clients’ readiness for FDA preapproval and surveillance inspections through consulting, training, audits, and mock inspections. 


Greenleaf helps equip companies for inspection activities by:

  • Training executives, managers, and staff in setting proper expectations for an inspection and helping to prepare data, documents, and records in advance to facilitate inspection efficiency
  • Conducting audits to identify potential areas of noncompliance or risks that require remediation
  • Conducting mock inspections to enable preparedness and learning in a simulated inspection environment
  • Mentoring and coaching of participants before, during, or after an inspection to aid an efficient and accurate inspection


Greenleaf professionals understand the nuances of working with regulatory authorities and bring value to any communication with the FDA, including formal regulatory communication, in-person meetings, and responses to compliance actions. 


Greenleaf provides the following FDA communication services:

  • Readying clients for FDA meetings and facilitating effective interactions with the FDA
  • Providing guidance on FDA meeting requests and requisite briefing packages
  • Serving as liaison for FDA meetings and correspondence
  • Assisting and representing clients in FDA communications and meetings
  • Supporting postinspection correspondence and meetings


Greenleaf also delivers analysis and response recommendations for:

  • FDA Form 483s
  • Warning letters
  • Untitled letters
  • Facility and supply chain audit reports
  • cGMP deficiency letters
  • Establishment inspection reports (EIRs)
  • Other compliance- and enforcement-related actions



Greenleaf understands the complex environment within which life science transactions take place and frequently advises investors to evaluate potential issues and regulatory risks that may be identified during such transactions.


Greenleaf’s advisory services include research and analysis of the following potential sources of risk:

  • Marketing authorization
  • Manufacturing and quality issues
  • Promotion
  • Distribution and supply chain
  • Pipeline review
  • Compliance status
  • Labeling
  • Product safety
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