Kathleen Sonntag

Chief Operating Officer

Kathleen Sonntag serves as Chief Operating Officer at Greenleaf Health. Kathleen’s broad career experience spans financial services and the legal profession, with an emphasis on information technology and data analysis. This unique blend brings strong analytical, technical and business skills to her role at Greenleaf.

At Greenleaf, Kathleen is responsible for financial and operational aspects of the business. This includes oversight of accounting, financial reporting, human resources, and information technology.

Before joining Greenleaf Health in 2011, Kathleen spent much of her career at The Capital Group, where she served as a liaison between sales organization and the technology team. Her work at the Capital Group included strategic planning, requirements and design, data modeling and data analytics. She was instrumental in the development of and strategic planning for key applications in the American Funds’ portfolio, including enterprise-wide business intelligence, customer relationship management, and call center technologies. She also performed financial analysis for Sales and Marketing management, providing insights into sales territory restructuring, new product rollouts, and overall business measurement.

Kathleen’s additional business experience includes management of financial operations at a law firm, and an accounting analyst role at Merrill Lynch.

Kathleen holds Bachelors of Science in Accounting and History from the University of Notre Dame. Kathleen has also completed coursework in Global Affairs at New York University.